BE STRONG Workout Mat - LVL 2 (Pure Floral)

$129.00 SGD$129.00 SGD

Why you will love it :

We simply love our floral edition LVL 2 workout mats.  Designed in house, with gorgeous floral motifs, we are very proud of it. 

It comes in the same best possible anti-bacterial PU, best non-slip, non peel top with the most natural rubber base mat you can find.  

Size & Weight : 

  • 183cm * 68cm * 4.2mm
  • Approximately : 2.5kg

Features : 

  • Super Grip, even during the most intense workouts
  • In-House designed alignment grid
  • Superb support
  • Anti-slip Natural Rubber Base
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Made to Last
  • Floral design

Type of Activities : 

  • The most intense such as HIIT, Cross Training, Calisthenic
  • The least intense such as stretches and mobility movements


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