Avodah Rewards

Welcome to Avodah Rewards

Thank you for signing up for the Avodah Rewards program!  We are really so excited to bringing this to you.  You can now earn RPs (Reward Points), and use them to off-set your next purchase.

Here are some ways to earn some RPs.

Sign Up as a member of Avodah Rewards
100 Avodah RPs 
Like the Avodah Label Activewear Facebook Page
100 Avodah RPs
Follow the Avodah Label Activewear Instagram
100 Avodah RPs
Placing an Order
1 Avodah RP for every $1 spent
Celebrate your birthday 300 Avodah RPs

Like we were saying earlier, you can now redeem your Avodah RPs and get coupons for your next order.  You can use this coupon without any minimal spend.

200 Avodah RPs S$5 coupon
300 Avodah RPs S$8 coupon
400 Avodah RPs S$10 coupon
600 Avodah RPs S$15 coupon
800 Avodah RPs S$20 coupon
So if you have yet to sign up, sign up now and like our Facebook and Instagram pages and you are on your way to getting an S$8 coupon.  It's that simple.